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Construction Management

We are 100% Employee Owned


General Contractor

We have developed an extensive network of quality Subcontractors we can pull from in order to complete any project large or small. A diverse and multi-tiered project team is what makes Staab Construction successful. Self-performing Earthwork, Building, and Process Mechanical Construction allows Staab to select the right team for your project based on project type, style, & complexity. From pre-construction through post construction, a collaborative team of professionals provide the leadership to ensure your project is executed meeting business goals. We build trusted relationships through collaboration, customer support, innovative creativity, and value engineering. A quality product built by skilled tradesmen to perform as our customers envisioned.

staabco employees looking at a 3d model on a screen


  • Design
  • Invites bids
  • Issuing a single construction contract to a constructor & Subcontractors.
  • Owner provides oversight of the constructor’s workman-ship and materials.
Staab employee working on a mechanical machine

Multiple Prime Contracts

  • Owner provides complete design
  • Invites bids for more than one part of the project.
  • Multiple construction contracts.
  • Owner provides oversight of each constructor’s workmanship and materials.
construction site with trucks and cranes


  • Design invites bids or proposals to complete the design and construct the facility and issues a single contract to a design-construction entity.
  • Owner retains some control over the design to ensure conformance
building site


  • Same as design-build but with the design-build entity
  • Services such as site selection and purchase, financing, or both
Staab employee at a job site

Prequalifying and selecting contractors

  • Technical and financial qualification statements are requested
  • Construction contractors, and design-build
Wastewater treatment facility under construction

Construction management

  • Owner retains a firm to provide services during the design, construction, and commissioning to
    oversee and manage the design firm, oversee the bidding, and oversee the construction and
  • Limited to a single project.
construction crew working at a job site

Program management

  • Construction management
  • Consultant manages the entire capital improvement program.
  • Program managers

Areas of Expertise

  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Design Build
  • Construction Management at Risk
  • Multi-prime
  • Conceptual Designs
  • GMP Budget
  • Risk Assessments
  • Project Scheduling
  • RFI’s, RFP’s, and change order requests
  • Pay requests, submittal approval
  • O&M library
  • Commissioning & warranty
  • Pre-qualification of team partners

Client Testimonial

Construction can be a nightmare if you don’t choose the right contractors. The Project Management Team at Staab has continuously gone the extra mile to complete projects, provide quality workmanship, and work within budget. We’re proud to work with such a dedicated team of professionals and look forward to working with them in the future.

Mr. Mark Pronley | VP Engineering | The Probst Group

Construction Management Project Portfolio